Cultural Heritage

600 years old Wooden mosque and healing stones attract visitors in a remote bulgarian village

Veneta Nikolova
The wooden mosque in Podkova village is shrouded in mysteries. Podkova is another amazing old village in the folds of the Eastern Rhodopes, which ignited my imagination. The village does not shine with preserved architecture or natural beauties, but it’s hidden gems attract more and more tourists. The village of...

Explore the Deaf Stones Thracian Sanctuary (VIDEO)

Veneta Nikolova
The Deaf Stones (Guhite kamani)  rock sanctuary shrine is one of the largest Thracian cult – burial complexes in the Rhodope Mountain (Southeast Bulgaria). The santuary dates from the early Iron Age (XII – VI centuries BC.) and was used during Antiquity and Middle Ages. Cultural layers, thick over 2.5...

Ribnovo and its ancient wedding tradition

Veneta Nikolova
In one of the mountainous areas of southwestern Bulgaria is the Muslim-Bulgarian village of Ribnovo. It seems like time has stopped here and locals stubbornly stick to their patriarchal values, customs and traditions. Here when young couples decide to marry, their wedding turns into a fairytale experience – for three...

The Seven Most Picturesque Bulgarian Monasteries you absolutely need to visit

Veneta Nikolova
According to the Holy Scripture seven is the number of perfection, which rules time and space. Seven are the days in the week, where Saturday is meant for God to rest, in the Old Testament tradition. In Christianity, sanctity is transferred from the sixth to the seventh day, Sunday, when...

Could the Bulgarian village of Gabarevo be the last refuge of the lost Romanov Princess ?

Veneta Nikolova
Did the lost Romanov Princess and  her brother, the young heir Alexei spend their last days in a remote village in Bulgaria? In 2007 Russian authorities officially stated that they have found the missing remains of the two youngest heirs of  the Romanov dynasty. An Investigator of the Bulgarian city of...

The mysteries of the Valley of Thracian Kings

Veneta Nikolova
The earliest traces of human presence in the environs of the town of Kazanluk in Central Bulgaria date back to the Neolithic age, i.e. 6th-5th millennium B.C. In latter years the Thracians settled permanently in those lands. A vestige of their advanced civilization are the numerous mounds, in which archaeologists discovered...
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