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The 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria – get to know the country to start loving it

Our country has its unique patent in the sphere of tourism. This is the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria, a movement, related to getting to know the top 100 tourists sites in this country.

The list includes Thracian tombs, museums, mountaintops, protected areas and others. Among the most famous tourist sites in Bulgaria are the Rila Monastery, the Belogradchik rocks, the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon and a number of other sites across the country.
Belogradchik rocks
The beginning of the initiative was in 1962
when a group of high school students from Samokov decided to tour all the famous historical and cultural sites in Bulgaria for the shortest time possible. A few months later the young tourists gathered at the Musala peak – the highest in Bulgaria and the Balkans in order to receive their golden badges.

 In the years to come Bulgarians joined the movement and started visiting the 100 sites included in the list. At that time the list included historical, natural and cultural sites, but also big factories built during socialism, communist monuments, and others. Visiting the top 100 places turned into a patriotic duty for a number of people.
The town of Zlatograd in the Rhodopes
During the first years after the democratic changes in the country interest towards the movement briefly decreased. Then the initiative was restored, the list underwent some changes and a number of Bulgarians started again gathering stamps from the top 100 tourists sites in the country.
Uzana – the geographic center of BG
Fans of the movement are predominantly young people. Foreign tourists from Balkan countries, as well as Germany, Russia, and Japan, have also joined the movement. Every year about 100,000 people tour across Bulgaria in order to start knowing this beautiful country better. Tourists get a special booklet to collect the stamps given at each of the tourist sites included in the list. Those who collect all the 100 stamps receive a badge and an honorary diploma.
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