Hiking and Adventure

Balchik Tuzla – wild nature, mud baths and health according to the Egyptian method

Veneta Nikolova
Balchik Tuzla is a place where you can fill your eyes with beauty, your body with beneficial energy and your soul with joy and peace. This real natural treasure is hidden in a green vegetation area only 5 km from the Black Sea resort town of Balchik. The so-called Tuzla ...

  Tips for an unforgettable weekend in the Village of Chavdar

Veneta Nikolova
The picturesque and modern-looking village of Chavdar is located about 70 km. from the Bulgarian capital in the folds of the mountain.  It attracts tourists with its renovated buildings, asphalted streets, refurbished sidewalks and the wonderful kindergarten. The local authority is dedicated to a noble cause- to turn the pretty...

7 adventure ideas for a fun weekend near the Danube

Veneta Nikolova
The region of the Danube riverside town Ruse is one of the best adventure destinations in this part of the Balkans. How can you spend an unforgettable weekend in this beautiful part of Northeastern Bulgaria? Here are some suggestions: 1.Have a motorboat trip to the Lyulyak island or to the...

Hidden Bulgaria – Strandzha Mountain

Veneta Nikolova
Strandzha is a place wrapped in mystery. This mountain standing in the furthermost corner of Southeast Bulgaria. It is a magnet for people of adventure,  wishing to spend something different from a standard vacation far from the chaos and bustle of modern civilization. You can hardly imagine a wilder spot...

Lakatnik rocks – a paradise for adventurers a day hike from Sofia

Veneta Nikolova
The Lakatnik rocks are very popular among fans of nature and high adrenaline. Those Magnificent rocks soar on the eastern slope of the Iskar Gorge which swings among the folds of the Balkan Mountain Range.The unique natural formations resemble a rock garland which is 250 meters high. The whole region...

Rhodope’s winter fairytale

Veneta Nikolova
The Rhodope Mountain is the perfect place for a small holiday amidst beautiful snowy landscapes, crystal air and… silence! Shiny and puffy snow, hugging deep valleys and high rocks, small houses with smoking chimneys on their white roofs, bright blue sky, with small, cotton-like white clouds and the wind bringing...
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