Lovely old Towns

Svilengrad is a “gold mine” for open-minded travelers

Veneta Nikolova
The town of Svilengrad is located in south-central Bulgaria, at the border with Turkey and Greece. It is considered as one of the most important border towns in Bulgaria. In the  past Svilengrad used to be known as the Bulgarian Las Vegas because of the many casinos and gaming halls,...

7 must-visit attractions in Koprivshtitsa

Veneta Nikolova
I have visited Koprivshtitsa so many times. That’s why I was convinced that this picturesque mountain town, which has long become a popular tourist destination, has nothing new to offer. I was certain that it had become overcrowded with tourists, too commercial at the expense of its authenticity.  But  I...

The village of Brashlyan – lost in the past

Veneta Nikolova
People in the village of  Brashlyan still remember the times when the settlement was full of life and the local school found it hard to accommodate the kids from the area, willing to study. Now there are no more than 50 people left there. Silence and timelessness can be found...
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