Explore the Deaf Stones Thracian Sanctuary (VIDEO)

Veneta Nikolova
The Deaf Stones (Guhite kamani)  rock sanctuary shrine is one of the largest Thracian cult – burial complexes in the Rhodope Mountain (Southeast Bulgaria). The santuary dates from the early Iron Age (XII – VI centuries BC.) and was used during Antiquity and Middle Ages. Cultural layers, thick over 2.5...

The village of Brashlyan – lost in the past

Veneta Nikolova
People in the village of  Brashlyan still remember the times when the settlement was full of life and the local school found it hard to accommodate the kids from the area, willing to study. Now there are no more than 50 people left there. Silence and timelessness can be found...

Rhodope’s winter fairytale

Veneta Nikolova
The Rhodope Mountain is the perfect place for a small holiday amidst beautiful snowy landscapes, crystal air and… silence! Shiny and puffy snow, hugging deep valleys and high rocks, small houses with smoking chimneys on their white roofs, bright blue sky, with small, cotton-like white clouds and the wind bringing...
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