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I’m in love with my car !

 We might not like to admit it, but if they have to chose between their car or their wife, some men would seriously think it over

A great number of men are emotionally attached to their car. The results of a survey ordered by an international oil company in Bulgaria confirmed this fact. 14 % of Bulgarians even claimed they were in love with their vehicle, whether it was an old wreck from socialist times, or a new and shiny limousine.

Most Europeans think of their cars as a simple means of transportation in contrast to Bulgarians, two thirds of whom say they are proud with their vehicle and just love to drive it. Before democratic changes in Bulgaria took place, cars were regarded as a luxury but nowadays half of all Bulgarian families own at least one. Most of them, however, are old and used cars, imported from abroad. As service prices are high many prefer to repair their vehicles alone, relying on their personal skills.
For some men the view of a vehicle under repair is more exciting than the photos of top models on magazine covers. 14% of Bulgarians admit repairing their autos is one of the few pleasures in life. Making new acquaintances is easy when repairing a car at the parking lot. Neighbors are always ready to give some valuable advice. 
Passion for cars is a family tradition, passed from father to son
It  turns out that Bulgarians often pay more attention to the condition of their car than to their health. 25% of Bulgarians have their cars repaired in a service at least twice a year. Just one in 10 Bulgarians visits a doctor at least once a year. Another curious fact is that Bulgarians perceive their cars as male or female and often give them tender names such as, Sissy, Pijo, Ficho…
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